Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Abronye blasts NDC over NAM1 photo with President

An arrest warrant has been issued by a court for NAM 1, his wife and sister after the investment firm failed to pay investors’ capital and dividends.

But reacting to the issue, on Adom TV’s Morning Show “Badwam” on Friday, Abronye DC emphasized the President never endorsed the operations of Menzgold as being purported.

“Sometimes I wonder why the NDC make useless allegations and claim Akufo Addo is defending Menzgold and NAM1. They are only disgracing themselves. So if President is indeed in bed with NAM1 as you claim, why then would they issue a warrant to arrest him?”

He however emphasized the NDC could have stopped the operations of Menzgold but overlooked it.

“In any case, that guy started his business way back in your era but you refused to stop him and now you are claiming the president is his friend and has shares in Menzgold. They should just shut up and allow the laws of the country to work” he stated.
According to Abronye DC, Bank of Ghana and Security Exchange Commissions (SEC) couldn’t just sit and watch Nana Appiah Mensah use his Menzgold abuse the system and end up like DKM.
Abronye DC also revealed that SEC had no choice but to clamp down on Menzgold to ensure investors’ money are safe and another “DKM” won’t be repeated.

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